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Four most common formaldehyde removal methods for office furniture

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The excessive indoor formaldehyde caused by the use of office furniture is generally caused by the chemical volatiles in paint and adhesive. Formaldehyde is colorless and tasteless, and it is generally invisible, and what you can smell is the smell of paint. However, formaldehyde is involved in the paint, so it can also be concluded that there is a certain amount of formaldehyde content. Office furniture will emit some residual harmful substances more or less. The formaldehyde content of fashionable office furniture made of offset material is particularly high, because the amount of adhesive used for offset material is large. In fact, there are many ways to quickly remove this kind of smell. Let's make a summary for everybody:

1. Formaldehyde removal by plants

Plants are the most environmentally friendly air filter "in nature. They mainly use the photosynthesis and respiration of plants and the role of cells to inhale and decompose formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases volatilized from office furniture into the air. Decompose harmful compounds into harmless chemicals through biochemical reactions.

At the same time, we can alleviate the odor of paint and formaldehyde in the air by placing some fruit peels on high-end office furniture. Using tropical fruit to remove odor has good effect, low cost and simple method. Tropical fruits grow in tropical and subtropical environments, with abundant sunshine, abundant rain, and strong fragrance. The fruits contain much water, and the strong fragrance can be distributed for a long time. Many citizens regard these fruits as natural and practical "air cleaner".

2. Formaldehyde removal method of vinegar

The price of tropical fruit is very expensive, and many people may be reluctant to part with it. Don't worry, we have other ways. Vinegar is a necessary condiment in the kitchen, and the price is very cheap. You can fill a basin or bucket with cold water, add an appropriate amount of vinegar, and put it in the office furniture that needs to be deodorized. This can also quickly remove the odor, and also protect the paint on the wall.

3. Chemical removal of formaldehyde

There are many deodorant cleaners for office furniture on the market, which is also a good choice. Most of these chemicals are imported goods. They play a role in removing odor by using the principle that ammonia compounds and harmful substances can be chemically neutralized. You can pour the deodorant on the plate and put it on the office furniture that needs to be deodorized. The small editor of the office furniture manufacturer told you that if the smell of office furniture is strong, you can also dip some of it to wipe the office furniture, and the smell will be removed in a few days. However, it should be reminded that such chemicals also have irritating effects on human skin, so be careful when using them.

4. Formaldehyde removal by ventilation

This is probably the simplest method. For offices that are not in a hurry to use, this method can be used. Open several doors or windows of the room to let the room naturally ventilated. It is better to put some orange peel and lemon peel in the room. After 1~3 months, the strange smell in the room will slowly dissipate. The office furniture editor thinks that the ventilation method has the slowest effect, but the effect of this method is the best.

In office furniture, paint and adhesive are essential "ingredients", such as plate pressing, veneer treatment and edge sealing; Formaldehyde will be contained in the veneer, coating, finishing coat, etc. of the platform. Therefore, the newly built office building or the office purchasing new office furniture need to be treated with formaldehyde. In fact, the quickest and most effective way is to find a company to remove formaldehyde for formaldehyde treatment. But it will cost some money.

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